Bizknights Limited is an E-commerce platform, also embodying the concepts of direct selling, and is registered in United Kingdom (UK).  



We are a leading international business group committed to build a sustainable long term business. Incorporated in Singapore, we have international presence; giving us international exposure and enabling us to deal with international clients as well.

Our principle business activity is to eradicate the role of intermediary and to play the role of a catalyst between the buyer and consumer i-e in the field of B2C activities. We aim to provide these services with a unique idea and perspective, striving to help customers/affiliates by establishing a network of B2C e-commerce interface.

In order to remain competitive, we will continue on our path, introducing innovative market based products tailor made for the customer with distinctive features.



We are an E-commerce based company with a unique idea of business, the constantly changing world of e-shopping and we have a new concept of virtual business. We provide a wide range of products and services for personnel and businesses around the globe 24/7.



We link people; our success is a result of being obsessed with the very basic of innovative techniques, balancing the pursuit of growth with disciplined management. Through our international network and expertise, we facilitate trade around the globe. Enabling international customers to transact complex transactions and services; hence increasing our international base of customers.

Through our international network and expertise, we facilitates trade around the globe, enable international customers to transact complex transactions and services, hence increasing international base of customers.



As we strive to become the worlds best E-shopping platform, it is important that we conduct our business to the highest standards and are guided by our core values. In doing so, we act in an open, innovative and collaborative manner; keeping in mind the best interests of our clientele.

Our brand promises that it is here for good, it underpins everything that we accomplish and guides us as we do business and make decisions.




Diversity and inclusion:

Our aim is to ensure that our employees represent our markets and client profile. We embrace diversity in all its facets; be it gender, nationality, (dis)ability, age, sexual orientation or identity.


How we’re inclusive

We strive to create an inclusive environment for all our employees and to improve the work-life balance of our people. This means making each individual employee feel valued and respected for who they are and what they can bring to the organization.

These are some of the ways we’re working towards an inclusive workplace:

Actively supporting the development of employee networking in the workplace; thus providing them with social support, contacts, information and guidance.

Introducing flexible working arrangements in several markets: including part-time work, flexible hours and working from home hence enabling our people to achieve a better work-life balance.

Introducing accessible technology solutions: such as screen-reading technology within the workplace. This ensures that our people can work more effectively in an environment suited to their needs.


Diversity and inclusion of our customers:

We're continually developing products and services that are aimed at meeting the needs of our diverse customer base. In some cases, this involves tailoring them to make them more appropriate and accessible.



We aim to give something back to the communities we operate in. One of the ways we do this is by sponsoring inspirational people, projects and events.